Religious School: A Responsible Approach

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Are You Interested in a Private College Prep School or Religious School for Your Child?

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If you think your child would get the most out of attending a private junior high or high school start touring college prep high schools in your area. Not only do you want to walk the grounds and consider the commute or transportation options, but you want to also talk with the admissions professional about these different things.

1. Religion in the Curriculum

If you don't just want your child attending a church service throughout the day but you also want them to have religion in the curriculum, this is something to ask about right away. See at what grades this is possible to keep religion in the curriculum if the school starts in middle school grades, what class options are available, and if they will do things like preparation for confirmation as a part of the school day.

2. College Prep Program

The school should be a college prep program and have a curriculum to help each student get into the college that they achieve to attend. Ask the administration professional about these things before settling on your final choice:

  • Core class requirements
  • Elective options
  • Extracurricular activities besides athletics
  • Honors or excels options for advanced students
  • Options for taking college courses in high school

All of these should factor into whether you want to pay for a private college prep high school and if the cost is worth the investment. Once you have asked about these costs, ask the administration what the graduation in, what the average amount of scholastic scholarships is each year for each class and student heading to college, and how many students get into college from each class.

3. Additional Expectations

You need to know everything that will be expected of your child while attending the private school. This could be anything from wearing a uniform to having a set amount of community service hours each month. The student may also have to attend a certain amount of after school events or participate in extracurriculars.

A college prep high school can put your child at the top of the acceptance lists if they have taken the right courses, gotten good grades and have shown that they are prepared to get into the colleges they are considering. Talk with your child and go through the various schools in your area to find out which is the best choice for you, and what it's going to cost to enroll your child.