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Ways To Save On Private Christian School Tuition

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Attending a private school requires paying tuition unless you can find a method of avoiding that bill. If you want to send a child to a private Christian school, here are some ways that you might reduce or eliminate tuition.

Ask for Need-Based Assistance

Private Christian schools inherently want to do good, and they recognize that sometimes includes helping find creative ways to help children with financial needs. Schools don't always advertise their need-based assistance programs, but they might be able to help you if you initiate the conversation.

You probably won't get a scholarship for all tuition, but you may get some assistance. The assistance could be a percent off of tuition, or a flexible payment plan that lets you manage payments over a longer period. If you have a specific life event that's causing temporary financial strain (e.g. a divorce or illness), the school could offer a short-term reprieve on tuition.

Alternatively, a school may be able to help with other associated expenses. Depending on the school's situation, they might be in a position to provide free textbooks, serve free lunches, and/or waive extracurricular fees. Although these costs aren't typically as much as tuition, not having to pay them allows your child to participate fully without additional financial concern.

A school might be especially willing to work with you if your child has been attending for a few years. Schools recognize the value of having children remain at the same educational center if possible.

Work at the School

Most private Christian schools offer free or greatly reduced tuition for their employees' children, and this is likely the best way to save on tuition if you don't already have a full-time job. 

Additionally, most Christian schools have some turnover each year. Employees leave as their children graduate, missionaries move out of the area, and pastors change churches. These are just a few reasons for the turnover. You can likely find a position in teaching or in administration at the start of the school year since there are usually annual personnel changes.

Get a Pastor or Missionary Scholarship

Many Christian schools offer scholarships for children whose parents are in vocational ministry. If you're a pastor or a missionary, or if your spouse is, your child may qualify for a large scholarship. There also might be a scholarship available if you're a chaplain or have a similar role.

Scholarships like this are often advertised, although you can ask if the school doesn't make any publicly known.